Modular lamp family
designed by Elia Mangia

Lunatica is a chameleon-like family of lamps comprising 4 forms that can be assembled freely to create a virtually infinite series of compositions.
The base element, that contains an E27 lamp holder, can be used independently or covered using three lampshades with different forms and colours, allowing Lunatica to take on an infinite variety of appearances and making it adaptable to the most diverse environments and atmospheres.

Light for every requirement

The Lunatica collection comprises suspension lamps and floor lamps, to meet all requirements and make it adaptable to any space.

Stipbystip Milan black cylinder metal pendant light
grey elegant simple metal floor light
black simple pendant light
modern black cone metal pendant light
Stip by stip light

Ease of assembly

Lunatica can be assembled in an instant and transformed with a simple gesture, without the need for any tools. It is sufficient to fit one or more lampshades on the lamp holder cylinder to change Lunatica’s appearance and the type of light it emits.

white combinable geometric shapes metal pendant lights

Maximum personalisation

To add an additional touch of personalisation you can choose between different coloured cables.

Fabric cables Lunatica