Multifunctional tray

160195 vat incl

Tray, centerpiece and chopping board

160 vat incl
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Designed by Elia Mangia


Do not be fooled by its essential form, as Ringo is sure to surprise you with its multiple functions. Ringo can be transformed from a practical chopping board into an efficient tray or elegant table centrepiece, making it easily adaptable to any environment in the home.

Additional Information

Powder coated metal and solid ash wood


Small 1,5 kg
Large 2 kg


Small ∅28 xH5,4 cm
Large ∅35,5 xH4,1 cm


Black, red, white


Maintenance & cleaning:

Naturally finished wood is particularly delicate and subject to chromatic alterations due to the natural process of the aging of the wood. Stains may be used to give coloring or whitening effect, in order to change the tone of the wood. The painting is meant to prevent the natural aging of the wood, protect from dust and dirt and make the surface water resistant enough to be cleaned during the whole life of the product.


Avoid the use of spray and chemical products. Use a damp cloth instead or moisten the cloth in soapy water ( a small amount of neutral soap ). Wring out the cloth and rinse and dry all the surfaces. Use liquid soaps moderately as an excessive use could lead to leakages between the panel and the edge, causing bulges in the panel. Avoid the use of alkaline or abrasive detergents, soda or solvents, bleach or acetone, pumice, wire wool, rags with a rough surface or various abrasives. Avoid the use of furniture polish or wax. If needed, before cleaning the whole surface, we suggest making a test on a limited and hidden area in order to make sure that the cleaning product wouldn’t cause any damage to the finish or alteration to the color or the opacity of the product.

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