The General Terms of sales represent a set of rules and guidelines governing sales on the website

The products are sold by STIP through its website in Italy, the EU, and other European countries specified in the “Shipping” section.

The sale of products on the website is addressed exclusively to end-users who are “consumers” (hereinafter “Customers”), or any natural persons accessing the service for purposes outside their trade, business or profession.


1. General Compulsory Information


Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 7 and 12 of Legislative Decree n. 70 of 9.4.2003, Customers are hereby provided with the following information: the provider of the services subject to these Terms and Conditions is STIP S.r.l., with registered offices in Via Savona 97, 20144 Milan – VAT N. 10213290967. 

Any request for information relating to these Terms and Conditions and/or purchases made through the website should be sent to the postal address detailed above or to the e-mail address


2. Purchase procedure


2.1 In order to conclude a contract for the purchase of one or more products on the website, Customers agree to fill in the online registration form and send this to STIP following the instructions provided on the “Check out” page. In sending their Purchase Order, Customers unconditionally confirm they have read and accepted the General Terms of Sales, and the additional information contained in – as well as information provided though links – including the General Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the policy information on the right of withdrawal. If Customers do not accept all the terms and conditions contained in the General Terms of Sale, they should not send purchase orders for products through the website

2.2 Purchase contracts between Customers and STIP shall only be considered concluded when the respective purchase orders are accepted by STIP.

2.3 STIP reserves the right to refuse incomplete or incorrect orders, orders for products not in stock and/or orders from Customers who are not consumers or do not provide adequate solvency guarantees.

2.4 In the above mentioned cases, STIP will promptly inform the Customer by email that the purchase contract cannot be processed, and will specify the exact reason. In such cases, STIP will refund any pre-payment made by the Customer and the contract between the parties shall be deemed terminated.

2.5  If Customers require an invoice, they should provide their “Company Name/Tax code” in the “Invoice” section. STIP will then prepare and send the invoice to the Customer by email.


3. Prices and payment conditions


3.1 All prices quoted on are in Euro (€) and include VAT. Shipping charges are clearly shown for each product prior to purchase and also include VAT.

3.2 The prices of products may be subject to change. Customers are responsible for checking the final price before completing purchases using the order form.

3.3 The accepted payment methods, specified in the “Check out” page are: PayPal or Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) through secure servers. STIP will not receive data concerning Customers’ Debit/Credit Cards, which will only be available to the payment services provider. STIP will only use this information to complete purchase procedures and issue refunds in the event of products being returned, or following the exercising of the right of withdrawal, or when necessary for preventing or reporting cases of fraud on its website to the police. Should the provider refuse the payment, the order will be automatically cancelled. Customers will be charged the purchase price and delivery charges for products shown in the order form when they place their orders.


4. Right of withdrawal


4.1 The Customer has the right to withdraw from a contract drawn up in accordance with these general terms and conditions, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within fourteen (14) working days of receipt of the goods, in accordance with Articles. 52 and following of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 22.07.2005 n. 206).

4.2 Customers can exercise their right of withdrawal by using one of the following methods, in accordance with art. 54 of the Consumer Code: a) by filling in and sending the withdrawal form (based on the template in art. 49, paragraph 4 of the Consumer Code) to STIP by registered post with return receipt, to the postal address Via Savona 97, 20144 Milan; b) by sending STIP an unequivocal statement setting out their decision to withdraw from the contract. In such cases, the statement, which must be sent within the specified deadline, must contain the following details: name of the person making the request, contact details (address, telephone and fax numbers and email address), code and description of item/s, card details for refund to be made. The request must be sent to STIP S.r.l., by registered post with return receipt, to the postal address Via Savona 97, 20144 Milan. The request may be sent in advance by email to the address If Customers choose method a) or b) they will be required to demonstrate the correct and timely exercising of their right to withdraw.

4.3 Customers wishing to exercise the right to withdrawal will be required to return the goods within fourteen (14) days of the date in which they notified STIP of their decision to withdraw from the contract pursuant to article 54 of the Consumer Code. 

4.4 Costs and risks associated with product returns shall be borne by Customers. Goods cannot be returned without informing STIP in advance in writing. Any returns will be handled in accordance with the company’s shipping procedure and in any case, free of any charges for STIP, and must be sent to STIP’s warehouse in Milan, in Via Savona 97. 

4.5 Aside from compliance with the terms and procedures in articles 52 and following of the Consumer Code, which are described in points 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 above – for the right of withdrawal to be exercised correctly by Customers, it is essential that the integrity of the products being returned has been preserved and that these have not been damaged in any way. In particular, products must not have been used, damaged or have supplementary items missing (accessories, instruction manuals, etc) and must be returned in their original packaging.


5. Refund Procedure


5.1 Once the products have been returned, STIP will ascertain whether the terms and conditions in article 4 were complied with. If this is the case, STIP will then examine the returned products to ensure that the other conditions outlined above have been respected.  If all the conditions have been satisfied, STIP will send the Customer an e-mail confirming its acceptance of the return and will refund the purchase cost of the product as soon as possible and in any case no later than fourteen (14) days from the date in which STIP was notified by the Customer of its intention to exercise the right of withdrawal.

5.2 If the terms and conditions for Customers to exercise the right of withdrawal pursuant to article 4 have not been respected and complied with, Customers will not have the right to receive a refund for sums it has already paid to STIP. Within 14 days of the date of the e-mail confirming non-acceptance of the return, Customers will have the right to regain possession, at their own expense, of the products in the state in which they were delivered to STIP, by confirming this to STIP, in accordance with the procedure the Customers will be notified of. Alternatively, if Customers do not confirm their intention to regain possession of the products,  STIP will be free to retain these, as well as any sums already paid for the purchase of the products.

5.3 After verifying whether Customers have correctly exercised the right of withdrawal, STIP will refund any sums it has already received to the same means of payment used by for the initial transaction, unless the parties expressly agree otherwise.


6. Product Conformity Warranty


6.1 The essential characteristics of each product are shown on the website on the respective product sheets. The same information, as well as images and/or videos, are published on STIP’s website for illustration purposes, along with all trade names, trademarks or distinctive symbols.

6.2 The images and colours of the products on sale on the website might not correspond to the real products as a result of differences in Internet browsers and monitors.

6.3 The colours shown in STIP’s product samples, varnishing, miscellaneous materials are understood to be purely indicative, since it is not technically possible to ensure these remain constant over time. Direct exposure of the products to sunlight may alter their colour.

6.4 Pursuant to art. 57, paragraph 2, of the Consumer Code, Customers shall be considered responsible for reductions in the value of products they purchased on the website resulting from a use other than that required for ascertaining the nature, characteristics and smooth-functioning of the products.

Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 4.5, in the event of a Customer exercising the right of withdrawal, STIP has the right not to accept or not grant full refunds for products whose essential or qualitative characteristics have been altered or products that have been damaged,

6.5 All products sold by STIP are covered by a statutory warranty with a duration of twenty-four (24) months from the delivery date of the products for conformity defects, in accordance with the applicable law. Product conformity defects must be notified to STIP within two (2) months of being discovered. Conformity defects should be notified to STIP using the following procedures [by email to the address specified in the “Contacts” section of the website or by registered post with return receipt to be sent to the specified postal address]. In the event of a conformity defect, Customers have the right to request the repair or the replacement of the product in question. If the above mentioned remedies are not possible or would be excessively burdensome, Customers have the right to receive a reduction in the price paid or to terminate the sales contract, pursuant to art. 130 of the consumer code.

6.6 Any complaints must be made in writing to STIP using the procedures specified in the previous paragraph at the time a defect is discovered and, in any case, must be made no later than eight days after the goods are received. The goods must be sent with the quality control slip accompanying each package.

6.7 The warranty shall not cover damage caused during the transportation of the products, which shall be borne exclusively by the carrier unless agreed otherwise by STIP and the Customer.

6.8 During the warranty period, STIP undertakes to carry out, at its own expense, all interventions necessary for removing any manufacturing defects that could limit the use of one of its products from a functional and aesthetic perspective. Warranty repairs will be carried out in the quickest time, according to STIP’s organisational requirements. In the event of services being provided under the terms of the warranty, the warranty shall not be renewed or extended

6.9 Following the expiry of the warranty period for each product, all expenses deriving from repair and maintenance interventions shall be borne by the Customer.

6.10 STIP shall only recognise as valid the warranty conditions contained herein and shall not accept any additional agreements or concessions– made verbally or in writing– by way of derogation from these warranty conditions, unless these additional agreements or concessions are expressly authorised in writing by STIP’s Management.


7. Warranty Limitations and Exclusions


7.1 The warranty is understood to enable Customers to enjoy the products they purchased for the purposes they were designed for in accordance with the physical limits of the products themselves. Therefore, the warranty shall not cover improper use of products or the maintenance of products characteristics beyond the physical limits of the materials the products are made from. The warranty shall not cover:

– deterioration of products due to use (normal wear and tear and ageing of the materials that are the subject to rubbing or abrasion with use);

– malfunctions or damage deriving from incorrect installation and/or maintenance interventions or repairs conducted in a manner that is not compliant with the cleaning and maintenance instructions and/or by staff not authorised by STIP;

– improper and/or incorrect use and tampering of the products through negligence, neglect, or intentional actions of the user;

–improper use deriving from adding of loads that exceed the product performance characteristics specified by STIP;

– superficial alterations such as colour, brightness, thickness, etc, caused by constant use, the passing of time or exposure to adverse light/weather conditions;

– superficial alterations deriving from impacts, abrasions, friction or contact with blunt objects;

– superficial alterations, such as colour, brightness, etc., and stains due to the use of improper substances or the depositing of liquids, when the product is not expressly confirmed to be resistant to specific types of stains;

– superficial alterations such as colour, brightness, etc, and stains due to the use of cleaning products that are not compliant with those specified in STIP’s cleaning and maintenance instructions;

– storage or use of the product in environmental conditions that are not compliant with the conditions specified by Customers during commercial negotiations;

– materials supplied or imposed by Customers and/or variations requested by the Customers with regard to the standard product;

– in the event of materials or components integrated within the product at the express request of Customers or which were supplied directly by Customers, STIP shall not accept any responsibility and maintains complete discretionality in its role as an intermediary with suppliers;

– damage to products caused by the execution of certain phases in the supply of the product (e.g. transport, storage, assembly) by unauthorised staff and/or in a manner that is not is inconsistent with the instructions provided by STIP;

– causes of force measure or natural causes (terrorist attacks, wars, operations by the law enforcement authorities or special forces, natural disasters, damage to buildings caused by earthquakes, etc.).

7.2 The warranty shall not include the following characteristics, which are considered to be entirely natural and do not derive from a lack of quality or product defects:

– variation in the appearance of natural materials;

– small variations in colour, weave and structure between various parts of natural materials used together in the same product;

– small variations in the design of the veining and grain of the wood, or the presence of natural marks;

– wrinkles or areas with different pigmentation, that are to be found naturally in leathers;

– veining, small cavities or cracks, characteristic marks, that are to be found naturally in stones;

– small variations in the colour intensity of fabrics;

– imperfect matching of the colour, veining, pigmentation, etc., for materials used in the products, and those used in manufacturers’ colour/finishes samples, that must be considered to be illustrative;

– imperfect matching of colour, veining, pigmentation, etc, between products supplied at a later date, or parts of products replaced in the future;

– colour variations in products exposed to direct sunlight. 


8. Complaints


8.1 Complaints regarding missing goods, incorrect goods, damage to goods and/or defects relating to products, must be made in writing by Customers to STIP by certified email using the address, or by email to the address, or by registered letter with return receipt, no later than eight (8) days after the delivery of the product.

8.2 Failure to present complaints within the above-mentioned timeframe shall constitute automatic acceptance by Customers of products and the quality thereof.

8.3 Complaints must be sent with a copy of the transport documents and proof of purchase.


9. Shipping


9.1 Shipping of purchased items can be arranged within Italy and the following European countries:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Sweden, Croatia, Lichtenstein, Monte Carlo, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, Bulgaria, San Marino.

9.2 With regard to costs, delivery times and procedures please refer to the “Shipping” section on the website

9.3 Deliveries are deemed to be valid to all effects even when made through forwarders or carriers. It shall be the duty of recipients, at the time of the delivery, to carefully control the number of packages, the weight of the goods and the integrity of the packaging. Any abnormalities must be highlighted in the transport documentation. The replacement of pieces damaged during transportation shall only take place if a photocopy of the transportation document containing the respective comments is provided. These comments must also appear in copies of the transport documentation held by carriers.


10. Shipping Times


10.1 The shipping times shown in order confirmations have a purely indicative value. STIP cannot be held responsible for any delays in deliveries and shall not be required to pay any penalties for delivery delays.

10.2 In the event of a Customer making a single order containing various items, STIP reserves the right to make separate partial deliveries and issue separate corresponding invoices.


11. Exoneration from liability


11.1 STIP shall not accept any liability for any damage to people, animals or objects, be it direct or indirect, deriving from non-compliance with the rules contained in instruction manuals for the installation, use and maintenance of products and/or from improper use of products and/or non-compliance with  instructions provided, or in the event of damages deriving from accidents or cases of force majeure.

11.2 STIP shall not be liable in the event of loss of income, profits or data or for any indirect damage arising from or related to contracts subject to these Terms and Conditions.

11.3 In any case, STIP’s liability shall not exceed the total value of the purchase order.


12. Suspension of the service


12.1 STIP reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without prior notice, the provision of its services for the time required for necessary technical operations and/or operations for improving the quality of its services.

12.2 STIP may, at any time, discontinue the service should there be justifiable safety reasons or breaches of confidentiality and shall, in such cases, notify users accordingly.


13. Validity


STIP reserves the right to make amendments to product parts and details that it deems convenient for production or commercial purposes without providing advance warning.


14. Protection of personal data


In terms of compliance with regulations for the collection and processing of the personal data of its Customers, and the respective purpose, please refer to the information provided on the website [“Privacy Policy”].


15. Governing law and jurisdiction


15.1 The General Conditions of Sale are governed by Italian law and, in particular, Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code), with specific regard to rules on distance contracts, and Legislative Decree 9 April 2003 n. 70 on aspects governing e-commerce.

15.2 The Court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction, including by way of derogation from ordinary jurisdiction criteria, for any dispute concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of the General Conditions of Sale.


16. Updates


These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time, including as a result of changes to the law. The new General Conditions of Sale shall be effective from the date of publication on the website